Carnforth business owners react to Lancaster Council’s request to ignore Freedom Day

CARNFORTH business owners have received a request from the Lancaster Council that they should ignore the easing of restrictions on ‘Freedom Day’ and continue with Covid safety rules.

The Lancaster City Council dispatched an email requesting the continuation of regulations to businesses around its jurisdiction, including several in Carnforth.

The recommendations included the wearing of face masks, using hand sanitiser and social distancing.

One business owner stated: “We will be following government guidance following ‘Freedom Day’.

“Throughout the pandemic LCC have been sending heavy handed emails to businesses that have merely added to our worries and concerns.

“Contrary to the council’s claim the overwhelming majority of our customers want the restrictions lifting”.

Iain Quinn of the Q Brewery warned that further difficulties caused by lockdown could result in the end of his business.

The brewery is currently running the Taps on the Green micro pub, located on Kellet Road.

He explained: “Business is ok at the moment for us but another lockdown would likely spell the end of us. So far grants have saved us but we have lost a lot of income from the brewery.

“We have been supporting ourselves with takeaways but we still have rents to pay and restrictions are making it so difficult.

“We got two emails which basically said the same thing. They expected us to continue with as many of the restrictions as possible, which isn’t surprising, but the last time I spoke with them they expected them to be in place for at least a year.

“We’re a micro pub. We’re restricted and it’s crushing us.

“The last time we had to move tables apart it cut out a lot of potential trade because we have a small venue.

“We understand how dangerous this is but it seems someone is on a moral crusade.

“I just hope Freedom Day eventually brings some freedom in some form.”

The Carnforth Town Council commented on the request and say they support the decision.

“The Council fully supports Lancaster City Council’s advice to local businesses to remain cautious despite the lifting of mandatory Covid restrictions from 19 July.

“Anecdotal evidence suggests that most local residents will continue to wear face masks, maintain social distancing, and use hand sanitisers (where provided) when shopping or entering other business premises and enclosed spaces, particularly as the number of Covid infections continues to rise.”

The Lancaster City Council explained it’s decision to request business continue with Covid safety restrictions was based on a survey conducted with the public.

“To aid the transition out of lockdown restrictions, the city council is also urging businesses to consider keeping some of the measures that they have introduced.

“This follows a recent survey conducted by the council, which found that a majority of those taking part would like to see some measures continuing.

“Of the 372 who responded, 293 (78%) said they wanted hand sanitizer to be available at the entrance of retail premises, and 276 (74%) said they would like customers to wear face coverings.

“For pubs, cafes, and restaurants, 234 (64%) respondents wanted to see table service kept and 249 (68%) supported staff continuing to wear face coverings.”

The Westmorland Gazette | North Lancs