Carnforth child pens and publishes first ever book

Jacob Alexander, his professional pseudonym, released ‘Teacher’s Pet’ in November and it has already proven to be a success.

Jacob, who goes to school in Kendal, has based his story around a fictional dog joining a school with his playful imagination bringing the tale to life.

His mum Gemma said: “It’s been his dream for a long time to write and publish his own book and he’s never given up on it.

“He’s been creating and telling his own stories ever since he could talk at the age of 18 months.”

The book comes accompanied with illustrations from Linda Giulia Carluschi, an illustrator and graphic designer originally from Milan, Italy, and who currently lives in London.

“He’s always been gifted with an incredible imagination and ability to tell stories,” Gemma added. 

“Now he’s written his first story and brought it to me to ask if it could be published.”

The tale revolves around schoolgirl Connie and her friends, along with Peanut the dog, who becomes the most beloved pupil in their school.

But, when the school investigator shows up one day, the ‘very silly and mischievous’ dog must remember to be on its best behaviour or risk expulsion.

“Jacob has worked on it for 18 months and never lost sight,” said Gemma.

“He’s been so dedicated and passionate about it, which is why it’s so great now to see it be a huge success.”

The book is available to buy now on Amazon or online at Waterstones, Barnes & Noble, Wordery and many other stores.

The Westmorland Gazette | North Lancs