Carnforth Covid volunteer raises £723 for the Royal British Legion

A CARNFORTH business owner and community volunteer has used his time in lockdown to raise hundreds of pounds for the Royal British Legion.

Liam Law has been credited for raising £723 for the charity through various means during lockdown, including community work, work on Remembrance Day and collections.

As the joint owner of the Carnforth Brief Encounter Refreshment Rooms Bistro & Bar, Liam is also known as a volunteer for the Covid Community Group for the area which has been in operation since the beginning of lockdown.

Earlier this month, Liam received a certificate from the Royal British Legion crediting him for the money he had raised over the last two years.

Liam said: “It had all been done over the last two years, with most of it being last year during lockdown and the rest this year when things began to open up again.

“I tried to get some posters done for the kids in the area so they could colour them in during lockdown, this was instead of doing the parade this year for remembrance.

“We also began selling pin badges and other Remembrance stuff which proved really popular, and people just kept on donating.

“We went round for deliveries and we received lots of donation for it. People are very generous around here and it showed during lockdown.

“This year I had the café open so we sold some of the pins on the bar and we raised about £150 this year.

“I’d never really done this type of thing before but we had the parade and the carnival this year and during lockdown we weren’t working much.

“So much time but no work or chance to leave home.

“We were able to sell badges and pins for Remembrance in Lancaster, Morecambe, Silverdale, Bolton-Le-Sands, Arnside and other places.

“Everyone wanted those collectable badges.

“We even did some special ones on the bar of the café with the Manchester Bee on them with the year below.

“They are quite rare.

“Raising money for the Royal British Legion is something I’ve always wanted to get involved with but never had the chance, then lockdown gave me all the chance there was.

“We will try and continue it next year when we can be freer and more organised. We will advertise more and do it bigger and better.

“Nothing set in stone yet but we will plan something in the new year. Should be a good one. We are looking forward to it all and hope to build on what we did this year.”

The Westmorland Gazette | North Lancs