Cumbria Police officer facing sack after ‘offensive’ messages

PC Jakub Chruslicki is due to face a misconduct hearing after he was accused of a string of inappropriate behaviours.

The officer is alleged to have breached standards related to authority, respect and courtesy, equality and diversity and displayed discreditable conduct.

He is accused of sending offensive messages to his former partner and adding a song to a Spotify playlist that was offensive towards Asian culture.

Spelling out the allegations, a misconduct notice said: “On the 22nd of July 2023, they sent a Facebook message to their ex-partner, which was highly inappropriate and offensive. 

“On the 26th of September 2023 they sent a WhatsApp message to their ex-partner, which was highly inappropriate and offensive.

“On the 8th of October 2023 they logged into the Spotify account of their ex-partner without their knowledge or consent and downloaded to their playlist the song ‘Pakistani Disco’ by Polish rap artist Popek which features highly inappropriate and offensive content directed towards Asian culture.

“It is further alleged that this conduct, if proven, amounts to Gross Misconduct and is so serious as to justify dismissal.”

The hearing is due to be held at Cumbria Police’s Penrith headquarters on June 25.

The case will be held in public due to new legislation introduced in 2015.

Misconduct hearings should be held in public to improve transparency and accountability, police say.

Explaining the hearing, Cumbria Police said: “A misconduct hearing takes place when we believe someone employed by us has breached the standards of professional behaviour.

“At the hearing, the facts of the case will be presented and the officer involved will have the opportunity to explain their conduct and the circumstances surrounding the allegation.

“We hold some misconduct hearings and special case hearings in public.”

Running an illicit online account, having an inappropriate relationship with a woman and fighting with a member of the public were among the reasons why officers were sanctioned for misconduct in Cumbria last year.

The Westmorland Gazette | North Lancs