Deputy chief constable warns Old Firm fans not to come from Scotland to watch football in Lancashire pubs

LANCASHIRE’S deputy chief constable is warning people not to travel from Scotland to the county just to watch football in a pub.

Lancashire Police and Terry Woods have posted on social media a statement that they are aware that a number of football fans from Scotland have been planning to come to Blackpool to watch the Old Firm match between Celtic and Rangers in local licensed premises.

It said: “It’s been announced today that the whole of Lancashire, including Blackpool, will enter the Very High Tier 3 COVID alert level from 00.01 on Saturday, 17 October.

Even then, alcohol will only be served with food and licensed premises will be asked to only allow customers to stay at their table for the duration of their meal – after that, they will need to vacate it.

Under Very High restrictions people cannot mix with anyone outside their household in any indoor or private outdoor setting, including pub beer gardens. People are also being asked not to travel into a Very High alert area or stay overnight there.

Supt Damian Kitchen said: “In these circumstances, I’d urge football fans to reconsider any plans to travel to travel to the resort. Many pubs and bars will be shut and it’s likely you will miss some or all of the match – far better to stay at home and enjoy it in comfort. We will have a very visible policing presence throughout the weekend and we’ll be working with our partners and Council Wardens to ensure that licensed premises are sticking to the rules. The rules are there to keep everyone, both residents and visitors, safe and we will enforce them where we need to.

“Please don’t risk missing watching your team.”

Deputy Chief Constable Terry Woods said: “Football fans outside Lancashire planning to travel into Lancashire to watch matches in pubs need to understand that most are now closed and any remaining open can only drink with a meal.


“Tier 3 also has strong advice not to travel into or stay over in Lancs due to high virus levels.”

The Westmorland Gazette | North Lancs