Faith Viewpoint: What the Kingdom of God is like

At 7pm on Monday 4 July I was ordained priest in the lovely church of St Thomas in Crosscrake by the Bishop of Carlisle.

I’m fairly certain I was the first priest ever to have the privilege to be ordained in that beautiful building with its pretty churchyard full of wildlife.

It was such a joyful occasion – a real gathering of friends, family and colleagues from across the area – 101 in all (if you include dogs – which I do!)

The church was decorated with garden-grown flowers, and we sang about the greatness of God who loves all Creation and each person. Bishop James seemed very impressed with the vast array of cake and wine on offer afterwards. Someone said that they’d been to an ordination in a cathedral (not Carlisle!) previously “but this was much better!”

There may have even been some dancing in the aisles…

One of the ways that Jesus describes the Kingdom of God is as a banquet to which everyone is invited.

A great party of joy and celebration, of feasting and friendship, music and dancing that anyone can join. When rich and powerful people reject this invitation because they are too busy or important, God is delighted the poor, oppressed and marginalised turn up to party instead.

Whoever we are, whatever is going on in our lives, God is always pleased to welcome us in to eat and drink, dance and sing.

Rev Lucy Foster

St Thomas Church

Crosscrake, Helm Mission Community

The Westmorland Gazette | North Lancs