Full list of election candidates for every East Lancashire borough

A full list of candidates standing in the upcoming Borough Council elections has now been published.

All six boroughs across East Lancashire are holding elections on Thursday May 6, and people are being reminded to ensure they are registered to vote in order to have their say, with only a few days left to do so.

Borough councillors make important decisions on running boroughwide services, such as planning, recycling and refuse collection, and sport and leisure.

Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council is electing one third of its councillors this year, a procedure which happens every year for three years.

Elections in 2020 were postponed until this year due to the pandemic.

Blackburn with Darwen Council has 17 of its 51 seats up for grabs, with 26 seats needed to form a majority.

Labour are currently in control of the council, holding 33 seats.

In Burnley, there is currently a coalition of parties in control at the town hall with Labour’s Mark Townsend becoming the leader of the council last year following support from the Liberal Democrats after Charlie Briggs stood down.

A third of seats are up for grabs, just like in Blackburn with Darwen.

Hyndburn and Rossendale are running much the same as Burnley and Blackburn, again with a third of their seats up for election.

Miles Parkinson is currently the leader of the council for the Labour party in Hyndburn with Alyson Barnes leading Rossendale’s Labour party.

In Pendle, due to boundary changes, all council seats are up for grabs.

Currently there is no ruling or majority party in Pendle but Labour’s Mohammed Iqbal MBE leads the council in an arrangement with the Liberal Democrats.

David Whipp is deputy leader.

The deadline for applying online to register to vote is Monday April 19.

Anyone wishing to apply for a postal vote must submit their form in time for in to be received by their local borough or district council before 5pm on Tuesday April 20.

The full list of candidates standing for election in each of East Lancashire’s boroughs are as follows:

The Westmorland Gazette:

Blackburn with Darwen

Audley and Queen’s Park:

Maryam Batan – Labour Party

Tiger Patel – Conservative and Unionist Party

Bastwell and Daisyfield:

Lee Cade – Conservative and Unionist Party

Iftakhar Hussain -Labour Party

Billinge and Beardwood:

Mohammed Irfan – Labour Party

Ismail Ibrahim Bapu Patel – Independent

Rizwan Ali Shah – Conservative and Unionist Party

Blackburn Central:

Samim Desai – Labour Party

Margaret Carolyn Marrow – Conservative and Unionist Party

Blackburn South and Lower Darwen:

Denise Gee – Conservative Party

Liz Johnson – Labour Party

Blackburn South East:

Tony Humphrys – Labour Party

Connor Michael Plumley – Liberal Democrats

Ann Marie Helen Tolley – Conservative and Unionist Party

Darwen East:

Roy Peter Davies – Liberal Democrats

Katrina Louise Fielding – Labour Party

Sue Prynn – Independent

Ryan John David Slater – Conservative Party

Darwen South:

Simon Pearce Huggill – Liberal Democrats

Sarah Louise Rose – Labour Party

Andrew Stuart Walker – Conservative Party

Darwen West:

Janine Elizabeth Crook – Conservative Party

Diane McVee – Liberal Democrats

Brian Taylor – Labour Party


Jon Paul Baldwin – Conservative and Unionist Party

Ashley Richard Whalley – Labour Party

Little Harwood and Whitebirk:

Abdul Samad Patel – Labour Party

Iain David Sykes – Conservative and Unionist Party

Livesey with Pleasington:

Michael John Jackson – Labour Party

Mark Russell – Conservative and Unionist Party

Mill Hill and Moorgate:

Julie Louise Gunn – Labour Party

Rick Moore – Conservative and Unionist Party

Roe Lee:

Martin Frank Kerry – Conservative and Unionist Party

Sylvia Liddle – Labour Party

Shear Brow and Corporation Park:

Hussain Akhtar – Labour Party

Aaliyah Iman Alli – Conservative and Unionist Party

Wensley Fold:

Dave Harling – Labour Party

Helen Voegt – Conservative Party

West Pennine:

John East – Liberal Democrats

Matthew Anthony Jackson – Labour Party

Neil Andrew Slater – Conservative Party

The Westmorland Gazette:


Bank Hall:

Julie Ann Hurt – Green Party

Lubna Khan – Labour

Maison McGowan-Doe – Conservative and Unionist


Victoria Alker – Green Party

Shelagh Limmer – Labour

Margaret Ann Lishman – Liberal Democrats

Mike Steel – Conservative and Unionist


Claire Ingham – Conservative and Unionist

Lian Pate – Labour and Co-operative

Andy Wight – Green Party

Cliviger with Worsthorne:

Scott Cunliffe – Green Party

Pippa Lishman – Liberal Democrats

Carol Lukey – Labour

Andrew Newhouse – Burnley and Padiham Independent

Richard Sagar – Conservative and Unionist

Steven Smith – National Front

Coalclough with Deerplay:

Jimmy Anderson – Burnley and Padiham Independent

Bill Horrocks – Labour

Jacqueline Inckle – Liberal Democrats

Arash Sedighi – Green Party

Linda Whittaker – Conservative and Unionist

Daneshouse and Stoneyholme:

Saeed Chaudhary – Labour

Mohammed Hajji-Nazrul – Liberal Democrats

Janet Hall – Green Party

Tom Watson – Conservative and Unionist


Darren Broughton – Conservative and Unionist

Mark Payne – Burnley and Padiham Independent

Jai Redman – Green Party

Lesley Sumner – Liberal Democrats

Fiona Wild – Labour


Joseph Booth Davis – Green Party

Karen Ingham – Conservative and Unionist

Kate Proctor – Labour

Hapton with Park:

Alan Hosker – Conservative and Unionist

Alun Lewis – Labour

Duncan Reed – Green Party


Mark David Alker – Green Party

Jamie McGowan – Conservative and Unionist

Asif Raja – Labour


Helen Joy Bridges – Green Party

Arif Khan – Labour

Alfie White – Conservative and Unionist Party

Rosegrove with Lowerhouse:

Dave Alexander – Burnley and Padiham Independent

Joanne Broughton – Conservative and Unionist

Jane Patricia Davis – Green Party

Marcus Johnstone – Labour and Co-operative

Michael Taylor – Liberal Democrats

Rosehill with Burnley Wood:

Margaret Brindle – Labour

Phil Chamberlain – Conservative and Unionist

Tony Davis – Green Party

Peter Rennie McCann – Liberal Democrats


Stephanie Forrest – Burnley and Padiham Independent

Martyn Hurt – Green Party

Tony Martin – Labour and Co-operative

Susan Margaret Nutter – Conservative and Unionist

Whittlefield with Ightenhill:

Mitchell James Cryer – Social Democratic

Kathryn Haworth – Liberal Democrats

Nicola Sedgwick – Burnley and Padiham Independent

Emma Simpkin – Green Party

Shaun Sproule – Labour

Don Whitaker – Conservative and Unionist

The Westmorland Gazette:



Dom Allen – Conservative

Stephen Button – Labour


Danny Cassidy – Conservative

Caroline Montague – Labour


Terry Hurn – Conservative

Kimberley Whitehead – Labour and Co-Operative


Abdul Khan – Labour

Mohammed Younis – Conservative


Sajid Mahmood – Conservative

Clare Pritchard – Labour


Noordad Aziz – Labour and Co-Operative

Peter Edwards – Conservative

Sarah-Kay Fitzharris – Reform UK


Wayne Fitzharris – Reform UK

Michael Hindley – Labour and Co-Operative

Gareth Molineux – Conservative


David Eccles – Conservative

Paddy Short – Labour


Jodi Clements – Labour

Andrew Harris – Independent

Carole Anne Haythornthwaite – Conservative

Ian Robinson – Reform UK

Adam Waller-Slack – Liberal Democrats

Spring Hill:

Munsif Dad – Labour

Saghir Hussain – Conservative

St Andrew’s:

Jake Allen – Reform UK

Peter Britcliffe – Conservative

Stewart Eaves – Labour

Gayle Knight – Labour

Steven Smithson – Conservative

St Oswald’s:

Glen Harrison – Labour and Co-Operative

Susan Hayes – Conservative

Beth Waller-Slack – Liberal Democrats

The Westmorland Gazette:



Marjorie Adams – Liberal Democrats

Euan Clouston – Labour

Carol Goulthorp – Conservative

Jayne Mills – Liberal Democrats

Harry Purcell – Conservative

Jennifer Purcell – Conservative

Tom Whipp – Liberal Democrat

Barrowford and Pendleside:

Nadeem Ahmed – Conservative

Philip Berry – Liberal Democrat

Linda Crossley – Conservative

Patricia Hannah-Wood – Labour

Carlo Lionti – Conservative

Susan Nike – Labour

Robert Oliver – Labour

Joanna Roach – Liberal Democrat

Ken Turner – Independent

Kevin Vickers – Liberal Democrat

Boulsworth and Foulridge:

Neil Butterworth – Conservative

David Cockburn-Price – Conservative

Sarah Cockburn-Price – Conservative

Ed Cox – Liberal Democrat

Andrew Macdonald – Liberal Democrat

Graham Roach – Liberal Democrat

Sheila Wicks – Labour and Co-Operative


Mohammad Aslam – Conservative

David Clamp – Liberal Democrat

Jodie Hoyle – Liberal Democrat

Mohammed Iqbal – Labour

Mohammad Kaleem – Conservative

Sadaf Khan – Labour

Hassan Mahmood – Conservative

Mohammad Sakib – Labour

Brierfield East and Clover Hill:

Zafar Ali – Labour

Eileen Ansar – Labour

Naeem Hussain Ashraf – Labour

Doris Haigh – Liberal Democrat

Mohammed Khan – Conservative

Shozab Munir – Conservative

Martyn Stone – Conservative

Brierfield West and Reedley:

Sajjad Akbar – Conservative

Mohammad Hanif – Labour

Yasser Iqbal – Labour

Kane Land – Liberal Democrat

Pauline McCormick – Conservative

Earby and Coates:

Rosemary Carroll – Conservative

Colin Carter – Conservative

Robert French – Labour

Mike Goulthorp – Conservative

Kenneth Hartley – Liberal Democrat

Susan Land – Liberal Democrat

David Whipp – Liberal Democrat

Fence and Higham:

Christopher Hartley – Conservative

Brian Newman – Liberal Democrat

Marsden and Southfield:

Mohammed Adnan – Conservative

Mohammas Ammer – Labour

Chris Church – Liberal Democrat

David Foster – Liberal Democrat

Karen Howarth – Conservative

Mohammad Latif – Labour

Neil McGowan – Conservative

Yvonne Tennant – Labour

Keith Thornton – Liberal Democrat

Vivary Bridge:

David Albin – Conservative

David Clegg – Liberal Democrat

David Foat – Labour and Co-Operative

Donna Lockwood – Conservative

Kieran McGladdery – Conservative

Howard Thomas – Liberal Democrats

Mary Thomas – Liberal Democrats

Ann Marie Wrigley – Labour and Co-Operative

Waterside and Horsfield:

Darren Harrison – Conservative

Manzar Iqbal – Labour

Dorothy Lord – Liberal Democrats

Alice Mann – Liberal Democrats

Craig McBeth – Independent

Jonathan Nixon – Conservative

Ash Sutcliffe – Conservative

Bryan Wildman – Liberal Democrat

Whitefield and Walverden:

Faraz Ahmad – Labour

Mukhtar Ahmed – Conservative

Thabasum Ruby Anwar – Labour

Irfan Ayub – Conservative

Patricia Howarth – Liberal Democrats

Asjad Mahmood – Labour

Annette Marti – Green Party

Asad Mehmood – Conservative

The Westmorland Gazette:



Jonathan Foxcroft – Conservative and Unionist

Gemma Rooke – Labour


Janice Johnson – Labour

Bob Smethurst – Conservative and Unionist

Facit and Shawforth:

Tom Aldred – Labour

Scott Smith – Conservative and Unionist

Janet Whitehead – Independent


David Foxcroft – Conservative and Unionist

Christopher Hamer – Labour


Neil Looker – Labour and Co-Operative

Val Roberts – Independent

Laura-Beth Thompson – Conservative and Unionist


Barbara Ashworth – Labour

Andrew Snowden – Conservative and Unionist


Samara Barnes – Labour

Matthew Littler – Conservative and Unionist


David Stansfield – Independent

William Townsend – Labour

Alan Woods Conservative and Unionist


Daniel Brogan – Green Party

Caroline Snowden – Conservative and Unionist

Andrew Walmsley – Labour Party


Steve Hughes – Labour

John Oliver – Independent

Mike Walters – Conservative and Unionist

Julie White – Green Party


Andrew Macnae – Labour

Hazel Steen – Conservative and Unionist


David Hancock – Labour

John Payne – Green Party

Jenny Rigby – Conservative and Unionist


Mohammed Abdullah – Conservative and Unionist

Marilyn Procter – Labour and Co-Operative

In the Ribble Valley things are a little different this year as no full election will be taking place but instead a bye election in three wards and a Parish Council election.

Ribble Valley – Bye Elections

Billington and Langho

Steve Farmer – Conservative

Anthony McNamara – Labour

Anne Elizabeth Peplow – Green

West Bradford and Grindleton:

Paul Anthony Atkinson – Labour

Kevin Horkin – Conservative

Murray Michael Drew O’Rourke – Liberal Democrat


John Hymas – Liberal Democrat

Lee Cedric Jameson – Labour and Co-operative

Malcolm Charles Peplow – Green

Robin Eric Walsh – Conservative

The Westmorland Gazette | North Lancs