‘I did not notice rude graffiti,’ says election candidate Tiger Patel

An election candidate renowned for producing some ‘entertaining’ election campaign videos said he did not realise there was rude graffiti at the end of his latest release.

Altaf Patel known to many in the area as Tiger Patel released a campaign video ahead of the local elections in Blackburn with Darwen.

He is standing for the Conservative Party in the Audley and Queens Park Ward in the borough.

In the video, which was shared first this afternoon, he can be seen walking to the ‘Tabdeeli Ayi Re’ song made famous during Imran Khan’s Pakistan election campaign.

Mr Patel is seen walking through a playground and points out a broken swing. He then walks up some steps on a slide and raises his hands ‘Nixon style’.

The camera pans out and rude graffiti – the word ‘suck’ and a drawing of a penis – can be seen ‘perfectly positioned’ on the slide in front of him.

Some people have said it was done on purpose as a signal to the ‘establishment’.

Speaking to us on Wednesday (May 5) afternoon he joked: “I honestly did not realise it was there. 

“It was a genuine a mistake. The person filming it did not see it either. It only came to out attention after we sent it out

“I am not bothered about it one bit.

“It was just an error.”

The video is one of several Tiger Patel has shared on his WhatsApp during the campaign. This is the second time Mr Patel is contesting an election.

Later Julian Arnold, chairman of the Blackburn Conservative Association, said, “At the end of the day, when Tiger did the video, he didn’t notice the fruity graffiti, but that says it all for us.”

Mr Patel added: “I made a video two times in Longton Street.” 

“It’s worse and worse every time – the council says it has no funding, no money.

“Just about £5,000 to change about everything, but they say no money.

“And how can I believe it? They have no £5,000? Because we pay council tax £140 every month. Every year rise and rise and rise.”

“That’s what’s happening: these community facilities are being vandalised, are being wrecked, and the graffiti says it all – little kids play on there.”

The other candidate standing in the Audley and Queen’s Park Ward on May 6 is Maryam Batan for the Labour Party.

Maryam said: “I have many residents that contact me on a daily basis through email, phone and social media with their issues.

“I raise and follow these up directly with relevant internal and external departments getting an outcome and have had no complaints.

“As for not answering call, I did pick up yours and I do for anyone that contacts me. If I am unavailable I send a message and return the call.

“I would love to see evidence of one email sent by Mr Patel to raise and solve an issue.”

The Westmorland Gazette | North Lancs