Kendal college students visit Lancaster Army Reserves Centre

KENDAL College Uniformed Protective Services students got to experience some of the training undertaken by the army reserves in Lancaster.

Members of the college took part in a visit to 156 Royal Logistics Corps 381 Supply Squadron in Lancaster, Alexandra Barracks on Caton Road.

As part of the students uniformed protective service course they received demonstrations in basic first aid, cooking in the field and army standard fitness training.

The visit took place on September 10.

Each member of the group had expressed interest in learning in either a branch of the armed forces or the police force.

381 Sqn has four trades which include Supply Specialist (Primary Trade), Combat Clerk (Adjutant Generals Corps), Combat Medical Technician and Chef.

After receiving an explanation about the structure of army employment from WO2 Danny O’Donnell (Chief Sqn Recruitment Officer), the group received lessons in cooking and basic first aid.

The lessons outlined the skills they would be taught to prepare food whilst on operations and applying bandages and tourniquet to casualties.

The Kendal students later took part in the basic army fitness test to give them a glimpse into what would be expected of them if they joined the army forced.

Bryce, 17, said: “I have some family who were in the army. I wanted to join the navy and I wanted to see what I could learn.

“Some of these things are new to me and I’d like to learn more.

“Still working out what I’d like to do next.”

Another student, Jess, had expressed interested in joining a dog handling unit.

“I’ve wanted to be in the military since I was six.

“I would like to serve with a dog unit. I have two dogs of my own at home.

“I would be interested in doing something like this again in the future so I can learn more.”

Rhys, 19, said: “I wanted to be part of the Police, and this was a good way to get into that as the army would look very good on my CV.

“It’s really enjoyable.

“I’ve done a lot of camping, so I’d be interested to learn more about living in the field.”

WO2 O’Donnell said: “It’s always fantastic to receive students within the Sqn that show interest into what Army Life can offer.

I have served over 30 years now and I have loved every minute of it. To be able to share knowledge and interest of what we do and to attract others is just a great feeling and hopefully these students, and many more will join in the near future.

“If there is anyone out there that is interested in my recruiting team, coming to you or you to us and do a day like this one, then can I ask that the teachers and key holders then please contact the unit, and we will accommodate you.

“The reserves could be that steppingstone to later joining the Regulars as many have before. Why not join us and get paid to do something that you will enjoy and gain some great qualification which include car licenses and HGV and many, many more.”

Kendal College has begun offering Uniformed Protective services as a new course available to people who would like to join the Emergency services or Military.

Course tutor Guy Heath said “The course is a fantastic way for anyone wanting to progress into the world of protective services as it has such a broad curriculum, from fitness to leadership, teamwork, discipline, responding to emergencies.

“All of which are crucial to a successful career in the Protective services”

The Westmorland Gazette | North Lancs