Man from Holme pedals 800 miles in Netherlands for charity

Jamie Clowes, from Holme, and his friend Sean from Nottingham took on the Race Around the Netherlands Challenge – a self-supported bike packing cycling challenge covering 800 mile.

During the challenge, Jamie and Sean had heaps of support from friends, family and colleagues who were rooting for them back in the UK. Jamie and Sean have managed to raise over £1,400 for CancerCare.

Completing a high intensity elite challenge came with many barriers, as well as moments of contemplation, but Jamie and Sean were determined to complete the challenge. 

Towards the end of the race Jamie was able to reflect on what he was doing and why it was so important to him, as well as the people in his life, especially his mum Sue who is currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

Jamie said: “On the final night of the race, we decided to ride into the night a little to start eating into the final section for the next day. It felt like we were on our way to the finish at that point and it was the first time I’d had chance to think about what we were doing, why I was there and how what I was doing had raised money towards something my mum had chosen.

“This really was a wind in the sail’s moment. I remember spinning along at about 20mph with tears in my eyes, feeling unstoppable. It was brilliant.

“Finishing the race was a feeling I’ll never forget. I felt completely and utterly content. We got to the finish with our new friends, everybody shook hands and thanked each other, and we all sat down for a beer. I’d done what I’d gone there to do, something I wasn’t sure I would manage and something I’d always wanted to do.

“The event organiser took a picture of us all sitting outside the café where the race started and ended and we’re sitting in a line with our beers, all looking happy and relaxed. I now have that picture framed on my living room wall. It was such a good feeling, and that picture really captured it for me.”

The Westmorland Gazette | North Lancs