May school holidays 2021: when are children off school for half term across the UK – and bank holiday dates

In Wales, pupils have up to a week off, after breaking up from school on Monday, 31 May.

Depending on inset days, children will head back to school about a week after breaking up.

In Northern Ireland children have two days off throughout the month of May – which are the two bank holiday dates on May 3 and May 31.

Although, schools have the discretion to take a number of staff training and school development days.

When are the May bank holiday dates?

England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales all share the same May bank holidays.

All four nations have two bank holidays in May.

These two dates fall on Monday, May 3, which is Early May bank holiday and on Monday, May 31, which is Spring bank holiday.

Although the May dates may align, not all bank holidays are the same for the four nations.

Falling Covid cases and the success of the vaccination rollout so far allowed lockdown restrictions to be gradually eased across the UK.

Further sectors of the economy have been allowed to open up again, including the resumption of international travel, as part of the third phase in the lockdown roadmap on May 17, following a review of the data and four key tests.

But the chances of the final easing of lockdown restrictions in England taking place on 21 June are “close to nil”, according to reports.

The decision on whether to proceed with the planned roadmap out of lockdown – which would see a series of restrictions lifted on June 21 – could be delayed until the full extent of the spread of Indian variant is known.

While in Scotland, Glasgow is the only council area in Scotland to remain in Level 3, while the rest of the mainland moved down to Level 2 and island communities went into Level 1 on 17 May.

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