Morecambe Bay: Warning as over 50 people were almost cut off by tide

The Bay Search and Rescue team, based in Flookburgh, was called out twice on Friday (May 24) to the Silverdale area.

Worried locals had reported a woman and child as ‘way out’ as the tide started to ‘push in around them’.

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The team’s Sherp was dispatched however the pair were warned away via megaphone with witnesses confirming they had got off the bay covered in sand and mud.

This was later confirmed by a phone call made by the mother to Arnside & South Lakes Coastguard Rescue Team.

The following day, (Saturday, May 25) the Sherp was again dispatched to over 50 people who were being cut off ‘sneakily’ by the tide.

Four members of the crew quickly arrived on scene to find a family with a baby in a buggy, two toddlers and mum and dad heading in the direction of the Isle of Man.

They were reported to be completely unaware that ‘within a few short minutes they would be swimming for it never mind walking.’

The Westmorland Gazette: Image from Bay Search and Rescue's Bank Holiday operationThe crew blasted the vehicle horn from three or four hundred metres away to gain their attention and provided them with a safe line to get back to safety.

A post on the Bay Search and Rescue Facebook page said: “Please be careful, the Bay can be one of the most beautiful but dangerous places in the world so treat it with respect as it bites.

“Remember, the tide runs into the Bay three hours before high water so get off in plenty of time.

“If you see anyone in danger around our coast simply dial 999 and speak to the Coastguard they will get the most appropriate team out.”

The rescue team has urged people to check the tide times and to download an app such ‘my tide times’ which gives high water times and automatically adjusts to British Summer Time.

It also re-iterated that the tide comes in three hours before high water.

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