Morecambe Coastguard in bay search at Silverdale

A MULTI-AGENCY coastguard rescue operation was dispatched after reports of people cut off by an incoming tide.

After being alerted to groups of people affected by the incoming tide at Silverdale on Sunday, Morecambe Coastguard joined Bay Search and Rescue, and Arnside and South Lakes Coastguard Rescue Team to search the area.

Morecambe Coastguard sent its inshore rescue lifeboat and hovercraft to assist in the operation, and after an extensive search, the teams deduced that those affected had made it to safety, but Morecambe Coastguard posted some advice to those visiting coastal areas on social media:

“Tides have a reputation for being unpredictable, but really they follow a timetable more reliable than most trains! 

“There are two different types – spring and neap.

“Spring tides have greater depth range between high and low water, so at high tide the water comes in further up the beach.

“Neap tides have less variation, so at high tide the water won’t come in as far.

“Check the tide conditions and your surroundings. 

“The UK and Ireland have some of the biggest tidal ranges in the world.

“To avoid getting cut off by the tide, before you head out, make sure it’s safe, check the tide tables, and while you’re out, be aware of your surroundings and the tide’s direction.

“We hope you all have a wonderful safe bank holiday Monday.”

The Westmorland Gazette | North Lancs