Phillipa Ashton, Carnforth childminder, rated ‘Good’ by Ofsted

Philippa Ashton, registered as a childminder since 1998, operates from her home in Warton, north of Carnforth, and currently has 11 children aged between two and four years old on her roll.

Ofsted inspector Elisia Lee noted the ‘warm and welcoming setting’ in her report.

It says: “They introduce themselves to the inspector and invite her to play.

“This helps to demonstrate that children feel a sense of security in the care of the childminder.”

The report also praised Ms Ashton’s clear experience, saying: “She models good behaviour, offers lots of praise to children and is consistent when setting behaviour boundaries.

“As a result, children’s behaviour is very good.

“Children listen carefully to the childminder and are considerate to one another.

“They take turns when playing games and share resources.

“The childminder is an experienced practitioner with a clear intent for the curriculum.”

The inspector also noted the fun that children have while learning.

The report said: “The childminder supports all areas of learning in a fun and interactive way.

“For example, children play a board game with dice, which supports their understanding of counting and number.

“They look at catalogues from supermarkets to identify objects that begin with the same letter.

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“This makes learning fun for children and supports them in their early mathematical and literacy skills.

“Children develop a knowledge of the natural world.

“They go on regular outings in the environment, such as climbing trees in local woodland, searching for shells at the beach or bird watching in the countryside.

“Children learn about different festivals and special days from different cultures.

“This helps to give children a sense of the wider world.”

The report spoke highly of the way that Ms Ashton encourages children to be independent.

It said: “Children’s independence skills are promoted well.

“They ask for help when they need it and make choices as they play.

“The childminder is vigilant in her care.

“For example, she prompts children to wash their hands before eating and blow their nose at appropriate times.

“This supports children to develop their self-care skills.”

The Westmorland Gazette | North Lancs