School apologises for serving ice-cream with gelatine to Muslim pupils

A Blackburn primary school has apologised for a ‘genuine error’ which led to pupils being served ice cream which contained gelatine.

The school, which has large percentage of pupils from a Muslim background, immediately wrote to concerned parents on Friday on discovering the error.

The majority of gelatine comes from pork and non-halal beef so it is prohibited for Muslims.

In a letter to parents, St Barnabas and St Paul’s headteacher Debbie Withey said: “I am writing regarding an incident at lunchtime today.

“Unfortunately, due to a food error in the kitchen, some children have eaten ice cream which contained gelatine.

“Following a full investigation into how and why this happened, measures have been put in place immediately to ensure this never happens again.

“We understand the upset this will cause, however we felt it was important to share the facts with you immediately.

“On behalf of the school I can only apologise unreservedly for this and hope that you understand that it was a genuine mistake.

One parent who contacted the Lancashire Telegraph said: “This is not a small error in my opinion.

“It is not good at all that pupils should be served gelatine. How did this happen when they know the majority of the kids are Muslim?”

Another parent who has a child at the school said: “The school have acted really quickly and let parents know which is important. They could have quite easily not said anything.

“It seems like a genuine mistake and these things happen.”

The Westmorland Gazette | North Lancs