‘Selfish conspiracy theory idiots who are making things worse’ – readers react to anti-lockdown protests

More than 600 people gathered in Manchester’s Piccadilly Gardens on Sunday to protest against the second coronavirus lockdown.

Police issued a dispersal order, dished out several fines and arrested four people following the gathering.

But Manchester wasn’t the only city to see lockdown protests take place, as similar events were organised in Liverpool, Birmingham and London.

With tensions riding high, and police condemning the public gathering, we wanted to see what our readers thought of the protests.

Many agreed with the police, chastising those who had attended; yet some readers suggested the protests were valid, stating more lives, as well as the economy, were being put at risk because of the lockdowns.

The Westmorland Gazette:

One website user said: “Absolute idiots, no respect for vulnerable, elderly, NHS or police.

“A lot of elderly people have probably worked all their lives, and managed and brought up good families, and now to be frightened or worried about going out, it’s so sad.

“These idiot protesters should be respectful and help others, if not they should be sprayed with paint so we all know who they are.”

The Westmorland Gazette:

While another commented: “People like you are the reason we have to have a lockdown.

“If you and your kind followed the rules the first time around we probably wouldn’t have to endure a second total lockdown.

“Being confined to my home again because of ignorant, selfish, arrogant people who think that they can do what they like is unbearable especially when I and a large amount of other people follow the rules and advice.

“This virus is a killer, it’s invisible to the naked eye and unless you’re superman you don’t know you are carrying it.

“The sooner everyone takes it seriously and follows the advice, the sooner we can get on top of it and lower the risk of death for everyone.”

And LillyLaw said: “Yes. But you know the irony is, the more this goes on the longer the lockdown.

“Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

“Many people have given up so much, and then comes along the usual deniers.

“No point going to a loved ones funeral, weeping and wailing when you didn’t believe any of this was necessary.”

The Westmorland Gazette:

However, not everyone agreed, with one subscriber calling those adhering to the rules ‘bedwetters’.

Bucko The Moose stated: “No, it’s people like you, scared bed-wetters who demand the Government keep them safe from everything.

“All we had to do was protect the vulnerable, not throw the economy down the toilet, put thousands out of work and hand over all our civil liberties.

“I blame people like you for our situation and commend the protesters who are willing to stand up to this nonsense.

“It’s so good to see that more and more people are standing up to these unnecessary and damaging lockdowns, not just in Manchester, but all over Europe.”

The Westmorland Gazette:

SuperCyril77 appeared to agree stating the ‘idiot protesters’ were demonstrating for people’s freedoms.

He said: “These idiot protesters are protesting for everybody’s freedom.

“The face nappies, hand washing and social distancing isn’t working so we’ll hide away in our homes forever should we?

“You can’t play hide and seek with a virus we need to start learning how to safely live along side it.”

And ALIAS ANGEL WINGS wrote: “Stop reading the news and go on the ONS website, or are you too stupid to understand the statistics?

“There are facts laid out there, for all of us to read and still you sleepwalk.

“I didn’t see you posting this garbage in 2017/2018 flu season when there were 50,000 excess deaths – no eejits like you crying for lockdowns and crushing jobs and livelihoods back then.

Over on Facebook, one user said: “It’s a virus with a 99 percent survival rate. It hardly suggests pandemic.

“It’s proven that numbers are being over exaggerated and have no scientific evidence to suggest we need a lockdown.

“The repercussions of the guidelines and rules are leaving people without income, work, leaving people in debt, higher than normal suicide rates and so much more.

“Is a virus likened to the flu with a 99 percent survival rate worth the livelihoods and health of millions of people?

“More “healthy” people are dying from suicide and depression because of being stuck of home with abusers, being cast into debt through no fault of their own and losing their livelihood and/or business than they die from this “virus” and it’s sad that people can’t see the destruction that this is all causing.

“Because it clearly isn’t fixing anything it’s just causing more death and destruction the longer this nonsense continues.”

The Westmorland Gazette:

While Social Smith issued this stark response: “They’re selfish conspiracy theory idiots who are making things worse.

“We’ve lost none of our basic freedoms.

“We were even more restricted during the war but when it was over we went back to normal, and we’ll go back to normal after this as well.

“Most of these fools will be the kind of nutters who think Covid-19 is a hoax or no worse than flu.

“They’re not freedom fighters or heroes, they’re dimwitted fools who’ll believe anything on the weirder parts of the internet.

“They’re spreading the disease and taking it into their homes and workplaces. Totally irresponsible imbeciles.”

The Westmorland Gazette | North Lancs