‘Track and trace is a farce, the masks are a farce, the government are a farce’ – Lancashire readers react to threat of Tier 4 restrictions

With the possibility of Tier 4 restrictions becoming a reality in Lancashire if the coronavirus infection rate does not fall by mid-November, we went to our readers to see what they had to say on the matter.

Many were worried that further restrictions would not work, and would only cause more heartache and stress for those already stuck in isolation or for those whose jobs have been lost; while the majority thought the implementation of Tier 4 restrictions would be utterly pointless.

One reader, worried about seeing her family over the Christmas period, commented: “Looks like I won’t be able to see my family at Christmas at this rate.

“Why can’t people just do as they are told for a bit.”

While another reader replied: “For a bit? We’ve been doing as we’ve been told since March.”

The Westmorland Gazette:

Online user, Peely, said we would never stop the virus and it was time for the government to admit their mistakes.

He wrote: “Tier 4, then Tier 5 , when will this government realise that these lockdowns are not working, when we’re on Tier 20 or 21 next year, and everyone is locked up behind closed doors with a food parcel passed through the letterbox once a week?

“Unless you stop person to person contact 100 percent you will never stop this virus, and until they admit their mistakes, on and on we go until we reach financial Armageddon and end of life as we know it.

“We are on our way to hell in a handcart.”

The Westmorland Gazette:

While another online user, darwenTower said: “So you’ll get harsher rules that the same people won’t follow.

“So the rules are largely pointless unless enforced. Which they aren’t being. So there’s no net gain from the rules.

“It’s just the obedient suffering, the people with sense who would probably have acted responsibly anyway and followed *guidelines*.

“What a total waste of time.”

JayEss commented: “Blackburn and many areas of East Lancs have been in additional measures now for months and yet the rates of infection continue to rise.

“So regardless of the reasons why, the current system is not working.

“The new tiers system is a simple re-badge of the old measures which weren’t working yet we’re expecting they’ll work this time.

“So level four is coming and, par for the course with this government, it’ll be weeks too late and people will die sooner than they needed to.

“They’ve completely failed to learn from the start of this crisis and are repeating many of the same mistakes.”

The Westmorland Gazette:

Over on Facebook the consensus was much the same, with users expressing indignation at the current restrictions and exasperation over the potential for even harsher rules.

Zoe Malik commented: “People are crossing different Tiers to go to work because we all have to work to pay our mortgages and keep food in our children’s mouths.

“This different Tiers for different areas is completely pointless.

“I mix with people from different Tiers every day in the office, I have done since June, all these restrictions now are pointless.”

While Barney Delaney said: “Cases still rising with the three current tiers and rather than deal with the problem, they just put another tier in place.

“I’ve a four-year-old who makes more sense than this.”

The Westmorland Gazette:

Another Facebook user, Lauren Elizabeth, said the madness needed to stop before more people lose their jobs and their livelihoods.

She said: “Stop this madness. If we go into Tier 4, so many will lose their jobs or be forced to stop working like myself and I have a child to think of.

“You are destroying your communities with these awful rules and tiers, you are ruining people’s livelihoods and sending people’s mental health west.

“Look around at what impact this is all having on the community.

“Speak for the people for once – I think most of us know that Tier 4 would have detrimental effects and we would essentially be back in lockdown again but with no date to say when it will end.

“This needs to stop, this is all ludicrous.”

The Westmorland Gazette:

Meanwhile, Jean Bain also thinks the introduction of another tier of restrictions would be pointless, as she feels the restrictions in Tier 3 are clearly not working.

She said: “If the rates are not falling in Tier 3 then what difference is another tier going to make?”

While Farrukh Quraishi commented: “Far better for short sharp lockdowns so that we can get back to normality quickly.

“We are trying to empty a blocked bath with a teaspoon when we should be using a bucket.”

The Westmorland Gazette:

Tracy Todd took it a step further, saying: “The government won’t even feed the kids, never mind people that are going to lose their jobs.

“There is no way forward, track and trace is a farce, the masks are a farce, the government are a farce.”

While Bucko The Moose merely stated: “Avoid Tier 4 restrictions, by not getting tested.”

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